Fathers Day is just as important as Mother’s Day. It’s the one date of the year when we honour and give thanks to our fathers. Our fathers work most of the time to support the family and give us a good life. What is one day for us to spend an entire day with our fathers? What is one day to come up with something to surprise our fathers and make that day memorable with retro sweets?

You can surprise your father on that day with a breakfast in bed. You can ask help from your mother or siblings to prepare your Fathers favorite breakfast foods. Be sure not to make too much noise when you’re preparing the breakfast or you’ll wake your father up, that would certainly ruin the surprise. You can also add in a Fathers Day card and some Fathers Day sweets.

On that day you can organize a small party in the house. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one; just a small party with everybody in the family attending. You can prepare a program or a little show for him. You may have a song or dance number with your little siblings. In addition, you may even prepare some finger foods or some drinks too; and no – definitely non-alcoholic for the young ones. At the end of the party give the Fathers Day sweets to him.

On Fathers Day, don’t let your father do some house works. If he heads to his work room or garage, prevent him! Ask what he’s planning to do and if you can handle it – do it for him instead. Treat him like a king on this very special day. Spend more time with him. Most days of the week he is out working his butt off for the family. Dedicate the entire Sunday spending time with him. Watch his favorite sports with him, ask him to tell you stories or tell him yours instead. Before you call it a day, give him a big hug and some sweets.

Another good way to celebrate this special day is to prepare a Fathers Day dinner. Prepare your Fathers favorite foods. If you don’t know how to cook, ask your mother to help or dial in the delivery number of his favorite restaurant. Always make sure that everybody is present on the table. Have fun, talk, and enjoy! Give him some Fathers Day sweets for desert.

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